Religion And Humanity Hand in Hand | Is Religion A Necessity ?

Religion by definition is something related to faith and belief. So it is more on to the ‘way of life’ because it is a persons faith and beliefs that determines the way he lives. Therefore, religion has a greater impact on lives of humans.

Now the question is, does your religion helps you molding up into a better human being. By a better human being, I mean one who cares for another, and one who doesn’t hinder the peace of his brother in the slightest way possible, considering them to be humans rather than religious. This is something that requires attention. !

Religion somehow have become a weapon to mistreat humanity which further goes on to an extend of taking lives of people. Is this the real intention of ‘religion’ ? Is religion made to guide humanity or mislead them?

Well, if religion provides you with the way which helps you live in brotherhood helping your fellow beings regardless of their religion, standing away from things that hurts them, spreading peace among them, then you should definitely follow your religion. But, if its the other way, its hard time you need to seriously think about your religion.

We humans are creations. Only the Creator knows what is best for his creations and what serves to be the worst. As a machine created needs a manual to operate it smoothly, so is the humans that we need a manual to perform well which are out there in the form of scriptures. The perfect guidance comes from nowhere other than from the authentic manuals.

Religion is completely personal and everyone has the right to choose their own that we really don’t have to bother about other’s and we shouldn’t. Its ok to have diversified beliefs but its never ok to discriminate people on any basis; be it religion, color or anything. Separating people on the basis of religion and any other factor cannot be tolerated and is one of the worst things we could do.

Imagine a world where people live each other without considering his or her religion. That eliminates most of the problems in our world. Living in peace without fearing others because of religion is the best thing we could have in life. One who is more religious have to be loved and respected by all, but in reality, what happens ? The more you are religious, people are afraid even to get closer to you. That happens either because of the wrong interpretation of our religion or we have failed in picking up the right one. The best of the religion is that which makes its believers care for their fellow beings irrespective of religion.

There are people and leaders who care and lend services for others irrespective of religion. The common factor which unites them is humanity and religion is one such cause to get you there. They are the actual practitioners of religion and its time for the world to emulate them. Humanity which finds its non-existence in today’s world, is the greatest feeling we have to posses within us and true religion helps us achieve it.

So, its time that we think about our religion seriously as the intention behind every religion is to help us lead a better life and stay away from things that hurts others . In that way, religion exactly provides us with the ‘way of life’ that deals with what is better for us to adapt in our life and to avoid that hurts us as well as others. Therefore it is necessary to have a religion which helps you find the exact way of life and I may go on to the extend of saying that religion is a must to get succeed in our life.

Finally, to the question is religion a necessity translating is way of life a necessity, the answer is obviously a big YES. Only through the perfect guidance that we could lead a better life, and religion paves the way for it. !!


2018 Kerala Flood- A Flood That Rejuvenated My Souls

It was an independence day, that people around us started worrying about the water level which goes on increasing at a fast pace due to high amount of rain received and opening of dams which forced people leave their homes. We were still confident enough that we never thought of water affecting us which made us along with our grandparents and family members stay in our own homes.

Things went on to be worse on the next day morning, that it was around 4 in the morning, I got a call from my cousin that water has reached our gates. It’s only then, we started shifting things to upstairs and somehow managed to make our vehicles to the foyer. Even though we decided to stay in the upstairs, as the water kept on rising, we were forced to leave our homes taking the necessities with us. We crossed the road which had water till half of us, get into the railway tracks infront of our homes and proceeded towards our grandpas home situated in a hill like place.

From their onwards, I have started experiencing things which I never had in my life. As many people had to leave their homes, experience tragic moments and get sheltered under various camps opened over the entire Kerala region, we were lucky enough to be in our own homes. The three days which we spent there was like never come back days for me. We had their people from young kids to elderly grandparents, all from our own family, whom we used to visit and spot frequently but never thought of spending days under the same roof.

Days started with the helicopters flying over our heads and went on with the fear of water which kept on increasing, but we were safe as it was a high altitude area. Our area has now formed into an island where we had mostly our family members and neighbors. Our fears were overtaken by the fun we had there, the kids with whom we were engaged throughout the days, and the time we had for our cousins and family members. Everyone was free from their busy schedules and had enough time bothering about nothing and spending time with us. That was the time when I thought of a joint family and how badly our generations have missed it .!

When our generation are busy with the unhealthy lifestyles and leading a life away from our grandparents and elders, we fail to impart things which only they could give us from their experiences. The incident of my niece calling her grandpa for the breakfast as we were all around the dining table having our food and her grandpa, my dads brother entering the scenario made my eyes wet. She is just 2 years, and the way she communicates which we hardly could recognize was a heart touching moment and that is something our generation kids miss these days and could be considered as a big loss to the coming generation as well.

There are a lot of things which nothing could bring us, we gain when we live together as a joint family. When we get to interact with everyone in the larger family, the chances of kids getting in to the wronger direction is restricted, our stress and anxiety starts vanishing, makes us engaged throughout the day which helps us stay positive and motivated and a lot more which we fail to get, when we leave them behind and find another life, no matter how rich we live or how good we earn.

It’s a fact that not everyone could lead such a life, but amidst the busy life, we should find time to be with our parents and family members that our kids should be brought up in a way they get enough interactions with them. In today’s world of vanishing relationships, let us work towards strengthening our family relationships and succeed in it. !!

Significance Of Friendship Day | Is Friendship Day Really Valid ?

Friendship Day Shankumugham Beach

Friendship Day is awesome in its own way because friends all around the world starts messaging you, sharing pictures and thoughts with you, and more interestingly they think about you. But the worst part is that, its like one happy friendship day to you and another one back and the friendship ends there. Its more like a give and take policy.

I really don’t understand the purpose behind such a custom where people text in like it is something which they had to do or even sometimes they do it just as if it is a must. This is a common issue in this era of digital world and its a fact that when technology has developed, relationships starts to faint out. Before that, it was more likely to see you in person or call you, both of which strengthens the relationship.

Now that, it’s not the scenario; you just text them with one or two lines and everything ends there, and the interesting fact is that we may often spot people spending most of their time on mobile phones and yet in case of balancing relationships, they fail.

Yes, the development of technology is required and it is need of the hour but not a perfect solution for this kind of occasions. Off-course, exchanging messages are really good and I’m not at all against it. But what if you could not take the conversation forward ? The real kind of friendship lacks somewhere in that case.

It’s good that we could think of our friends on this particular day but that should not be restricted on a single message and friendship is not such that we can restrict it in that way. Rather it is something that we gain in our lifetime with an endless amount of memories.

So, my humble request to everyone is that if you really want to connect with your friends, do it in the most loveliest way. Rather than just having the so called happy friendship day messages or pictures, spend time with them seeking their well being and sharing the updates with them because you might be getting in touch with them after a very long time and don’t just allow the conversation to end up with a single message.

Hence the question, is friendship day valid or does it have any significance completely lies in the way it is dealt with . That’s reflective of your attitude towards it !

About the photograph I have used here, even though I was confused about the topic or theme behind my first blog, I literally doesn’t have to think twice for the photograph. As in every friendship circle you could spot a photographer, I was also lucky enough to have my photographer friend, Anirudh A R. This one was taken from Shankumugham beach  way back during our college time when we had to be in Trivandrum for a conference and I think this exactly suits the scenario. Simply looking at this picture, I am taken back to those memories and that is the magic I think photograph’s have and photographer’s do.

So don’t ever feel that the time is over, just go ahead and wish your friends a very happy friendship day, at the same time don’t just stop there, go further ahead, share your feeds and you can do it in whatever way you need to. My point is that don’t just stop it by a single message.

Wish you all a very happy friendship day, a day that brings you closer to your friends and strengthen your relationships .!!

My First Blog

Its been days I am really thinking about starting a blog and this might be the right time for me. When I think of starting a blog, there were many things that struck my mind like will people love my writings, could I write things which excites them, what should be I really writing, and so on. And finally I have decided to start it because as it is, we have to somehow break the shell for the things to happen.

Well, my blogs will be dealing with all sort of things and I really don’t want them restrict to a particular topic or do I want to focus on a particular group of people. That’s because I want to reach out to all kind of people. But still, I am a travel freak and travelling might get a slight edge over things but that doesn’t really matter I hope because travelling is a great source of experiences and we could certainly experience all sort of things through travelling.

As said, I have just started and may make mistakes. But I will make sure that I will keep improving and engage with good topics and try to present it in an interesting way. I at the same time, welcome all sort of comments and feedbacks by which I could realize my mistakes and improve them.

So finally when I decided to write a blog, the next big thing was that, what should I write on and it was at this time I started receiving messages this morning saying “Happy Friendship Day”. So why not this topic ? I have started writing a blog on Significance of Friendship Day and is looking forward to hear back from you so that I could learn and improve myself as a blogger.

Catch you all from my very next blog .! Rest will either be a history or a memory .!!